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I Cannot Do This Alone

Dear students,

As my Learn English Live YouTube channel grows, I need to ask for support from you. I currently teach 7 days a week for free every night at 13:30GMT. Remember, I have my real day jobs, and I teach only in my free time.  I give hours every day to prepare the live stream and of course help people on social media, especially WHATSAPP. This is a tough schedule. I do not make any money. In fact, I spend a lot of my time and money to help people. I am happy to help people. It makes me a better teacher, plus I make a lot of friends around the world.

Unfortunately, I am getting tired to teach every night. I think teaching every day is important, so I want to hire additional English native-speaking teachers. Of course, they do not want to teach for free. I have to give them some money for their time and buy their video/lights equipment.

Please, if you find value in the channel, you can help in many ways. Of course by sending us a donation once or monthly would be fair. If you believe you get quality information and education, please help us to continue. I am not asking for much. I hope you consider any donation as buying me and my teachers’ coffee or a dinner every month.

Of course, I understand that people cannot pay with money if they have no job, or do not earn much. You can help my channel by clicking ‘like’, commenting, and sharing the videos. You can share my channel link in your chat groups, websites, Facebook pages, or with your friends. Helping me to grow is a good way to help, too.

Thank you for your time and I hope you help me out more to continue this great channel.

Robin Shaw

How To Help

1. Donate to Patreon

2. Donate to Paypal

3. Join my channel membership.

4. ‘Like’ the videos.

5 ‘comment’ under the videos.

6. Share my channel or videos in chat apps, twitter, Facebook, etc…
Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRf7MPcXXdVf546Rrht2HQw

I am grateful for any help.

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One thought on “We Need Help |Support Us

  1. Layla from Suadi Arabia

    - Edit Reply

    Hello Robin teacher, to be honest… At the present time I don’t have money enough because I don’t work officially, but I promise you when I have money I will support you as much as I can.Iam sorry to saying that.
    I truly know that you spent a lot of your time, money and health to teach people.
    FFinally.. I really appreciate your help and efforts.

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