Layla's Drawing

A special fan made me teary-eyed

My Sweetest Student

I had a very busy day because I had to prepare for my Sunday night live stream. It was during my busy afternoon that I checked Whatsapp. I did not check my Whatsapp groups, but I checked any private messages. I figured if there were any serious problems with my groups, then someone would send me a private message.  It was then that I saw that Layla, a friendly and sweet member of one of my groups, sent me a message. In her message was an image of a drawing she drew for my upcoming birthday (It is in March, but the date is secret!). It is amazing as you can see. She drew me standing in front of the Hoover Dam. When I saw the image, I immediately got teary-eye… even writing this now I am getting teary-eyed. It is so touching to see a student appreciate me so much – and then spend their own time and effort to create something for me. Thank you so much Layla. This is so precious.Layla's Drawing

Growing My YouTube Channel

Today’s live stream about Neither / Either attracted a lot of people. I was happy because I got more viewers, but unfortunately, as there are more viewers, it is hard to keep up in the chat. A lot of people asked questions and for the first time, I really had to start telling people to ask me another day as the questions were not stopping. I will have to think about better ways to manage my chat room.

6 thoughts on “A special fan made me teary-eyed”

  1. Layla from Saudi Arabia.

    Maybe I don’t deserve this compliment. I didn’t anything,because you are a struggler person and you are a person with great patience…finally, I hope your channel gets more progress and success in the future.

  2. Wow Layla is super talented! The painting is beyond amazing. So fantasic. I always wanted to make you cry, Robin. But finally Layla did it! Haha.

  3. Layla from Suadi Arabia

    Hello Robin teacher… I hope that your channel gets more progress and success in the future…
    I think I don’t compliment, I did’nt anything… Because you are truly a struggler person. You are a person with great patienc…
    I appreciate your efforts…

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