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Asking About Vacation in English

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[junkie-tabs] [junkie-tab title=”Video Information”] This is a good video to learn how to ask someone about their vacation or trip.  This video also teaches how to tell people about your vacation. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”한글”] 누군가에게 그들의 휴가 혹은 여행에 대해 묻는 방법을 배울 수 있는 좋은 동영상 자료입니다. 이 동영상은 또한 여러분의 휴가를 다른 사람에게 어떻게 말하는지도 가르쳐 줍니다. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”Script”] [Part 1]


I’m Bill.

In this video, we’re going to talk about something fun that people like to do…and that’s vacation.

We like to go on vacation…and we like to tell people about our vacations.

Because, if we can make them jealous, that’s even better.

Now, there’s two questions here that we’re going to use to talk about ‘vacation’.

One question is ‘where we go’ for vacation.

And the other question is ‘what we do’ when on vacation.

Now, the first question is, “Did you go anywhere for vacation?”

So, vacation time is finished and it’s just time to talk about it.

So, they ask this question.

And there’s different answers you can give.

The easiest.

“Yes, I did.”

But, that’s boring.

Easy is not always good because you want to be interesting when you talk.

So, someone asks you, “Did you go anywhere for vacation?”

Well, start by ‘where did you go’?

“I went to…Busan.”

Or “I went to Jeju.”

Popular places people love to go to.

Or, you could just say, “I went to the beach.”…cause people like the beach.

So, that’s a place as well.

Now, “went to” is good to say.

You can also go with “visited”.

And again, just ‘what place did you visit’?

We have, “I visited Halla Mountain.”


“I visited Haeundai Beach.”

Those are all good places to visit.

But now, sometimes you can’t go on vacation.

Something stops you from going on vacation.

And, if that happens, you can use this phrase.

We have, “No, I had to…”

And we say, “I had to…” because that means somehting stopped you.

So now, it could be, “No, I had to work.”



“No, I had to save money.”

Because if you need to save money, vacation is not a good idea.

Now, let’s look at some more examples of using these.

2:37 [Part 2 – Example Sentences #1]

The question was…

“Did you go anywhee on vacation this year?”

Answers can be…

“I went to the U.S.A.”


“I visited Beijing.”


“I was too busy to go anywhere.”

2:59 [Part 3]

Ok, now that we talked about ‘where we go’ for vacation, we’re going to talk about ‘what we do’ when we’re on vacation.


And so, when that happends, we have this question here:

“What did you do on vacation?”

Because we go somewhere, but now we have to do something.

Now, the answers are not…like before, with the “I went to…”, “I visited”.


You got to think a little more, bt it’s still easy.

You start with ‘I’, of course.

But now, ‘doing something’, you need a verb.

So, you have to use ‘past tense’ verb, because vacation, it’s finsihed.

So you have to say things like, “I swam…at the beach.”

Or, “I swam in a pool.”

Something…something like, “I hiked on a mountain.”


Just fill in what you were doing.


Now, some people, when they go on vacation, they don’t like to do many things.

For some, vacation is about being lazy.

So some people may just say, “Ahhh, vacation, I just rested.”

That’s time to relax.

Time to feel good again.


Let’s take a look at some more examples of these.

4:27 [Part 3 – Example Sentences #2]

Now, this questions is…

“What did you do during your vacation?”

You can say…

“I swam at the beach.”

Or maybe…

“I rode a boat to Jeju.”


“I just relaxed and read a lot.”

4:49 [Part 4]

Ok, so there you have two good and easy questions about vacations.

You have the “Did you go anywhere for vacation?”, and then the “What did you do on vacation?”.

Now, good to ask these questions to people, but it’s better to answer the questions because that means you had vacation.

So, I hope you can talk about vacations and I hope you get to take many vacations yourself.

Alright, see you next time.

Thank you.

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