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Basic English Introduction

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[junkie-tabs] [junkie-tab title=”Video Information”] This is the introduction video to the Basic series.  This video series is an excellent way to learn easy practical conversation expressions. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”한글”] 기초 시리즈에 대한 소개 동영상입니다. 이 동영상 시리즈는 쉽고 실용적인 회화표현을 배우기에 아주 훌륭한 자료입니다. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”Script”] [Part 1]

Welcome to our basic series.

These videos have real English for low level beginners.

Our teachers teach you words and expressions you should know.

All of these videos are helpful to improve your English, so never give up.

It’s important to watch these videos and also do some self-study.

Check any new words you don’t understand in a dictionary and try to always repeat what the teacher says.

These videos can be difficult to understand, at first, but keep watching.

You will get better.

You will improve.

Let’s get started.

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