Beginner Adjectives

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Hi, everybody.

In this video, we’re going to talk about adjectives.

Now, we use adjectives to descirbe nouns or things.

Ok, we can descibe its size, its color, its shape or other things like that.


So let’s take a look at the board.

The first noun we’re going to use is ‘marker’.

“It’s a marker.”

Now, I want to use an adjective to describe the color.

“It’s a ‘black’ marker.”

‘Black’ is the adjective.

Now notice, I have to put the adjective after the article ‘a’, but before the noun ‘marker’.

“It’s a black marker.”

Now, I can use another adjective to describe its size.

“It’s a long marker.”


Let’s try the next one.

Here we have a bird.

So, “It’s a bird.”


I want to use another adjective to decribe the color.

So, I’m going to say, “It’s a blue bird.”

Again, you have to put the adjective after the article, before the noun.

I can also describe its size.

“It’s a small bird.”

‘Small’ is another adjective.

Now,…at the last part, we have some apples.

Three apples.

Ok, remember, when we have more than one noun, it’s called a plural noun.

So, we have to say, “They’re apples.”, with an ‘s’.

“They’re apples.”

I want to use the adjective ‘red’ to describe the color of these apples.

So, I’m going to say, “They’re red apples.”


Here, there’s no article.

There’s no ‘a’.

That’s because there’s more than one.

“They’re red apples.”

So, I just have to put the adjective before the noun that it’s describing.

“They’re red apples.”

Ok, let’s move on to some more examples.

2:22 [Part 2]


Mow we’re going to practice asking and answering questions using adjectives.


So, we have a man here.

I want to ask, “Is he a small man?”


We have the adjective ‘small’.

Notice, even in a question, we have to put the adjective agter the article and before the noun.

“Is he a small man?”

Well, let’s take a look at this picture.

The answer is “No, he’s a _____ man.”

We need another adjective.

He’s not a small man.

So, we have to say “No, he’s a…big man.”


We’re going to use the adjective ‘big’.

Ok, let’s look at the next one.

“Is it a _____ table?”

The answer is “Yes, it is.”

We need an adjective to describe color, shape or size or something.

Well, we can’t really describe the color.

So, I think we should try the shape.


Well, “Is it a….round table?”

And the answer is “Yes, it is.”

Ok, and last, we have two dresses.


So that means the noun is plural.

In that case, for the questions, we begin with ‘are’.

“Are they red dresses?”

Ok, the adjective is ‘red’.

But, “Are they red dresses?”

“No, they’re…blue dresses.”


“No, they’re…blue dresses.”


So in this video, we learned about adjectives.

I hope you guys understand and I’ll see you in the next video.


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