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Describing Cost / Price in English

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[junkie-tabs] [junkie-tab title=”Video Information”] This is a good video to learn about how to express if an item is cheap or expensive.   Esther will also teach the vocabulary word “affordable” which is an excellent word to know and use in English conversation. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”한글”] 어떤 제품이 저렴하거나 비싼 경우 어떻게 표현하는지에 대하여 배울 수 있는 좋은 동영상 자료입니다. 에스더 선생님이 영어 회화에서 알고 사용하기에 훌륭한 단어인 “affordable”이란 어휘를 가르쳐 줄 것 입니다. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”Script”] [Part 1]

Hi, everybody.

I’m Esther and in this video, we’re going to talk about how to describe the cost or price of something.

Now this is important to people like me who like shopping.


So, for example, I like shopping, especially for dresses.

So, I might say, the cost of “This dress is affordable.”


“This dress is affordable.”

‘Affordable’ means that this dress is not too expensive.

I have enough money and I can pay for this dress.

I have enought money, I ‘can’ buy this dress.

So, I would say, “This dress is affordable.”

I can also say, “This dress is inexpensive.”

We all know what ‘expensive’ is, but we say “inexpensive”, so that’s the opposite.


‘Affordable’ and ‘inexpensive’ have very similar meanings.

Again, I have enough money to buy this.

It’s not too expensive.

Then we have “cheap”.

“This dress is cheap.”

Now ‘cheap’ is similar.

It means it’s not expensive, but it’s a little bit more negative.

If you say that something is “cheap”, people may think that the quality is not very good.

It’s not very nice.

Ok, now let’s look at the opposite.

The opposite of these words is “expensive”.

“This dress is expensive.”

It costs a lot of money…too much money.

Maybe I don’t want to buy it.

We can also say, “over-priced”.

“This dress is over-priced.”

That means the price is too high.

So again, I don’t want to buy this dress.

It’s too expensive and over-priced.

Ok, let’s look at some more examples together.

2:14 [Part 2 – Example Sentences]

Let’s look at some examples.

“The hat was affordable because it was on sale.”
“The hat was affordable because it was on sale.”


“I wish this bag was more affordable.”
“I wish this bag was more affordable.”


“This computer is suprisingly inexpensive.”
“This computer is suprisingly inexpensive.”


“These shoes look beautiful, but they are too cheap.”
“These shoes look beautiful, but they are too cheap.”


“That jacket is too expensive.”
“That jacket is too expensive.”

And last.

“I cannot buy this over-priced bag.”
“I cannot buy this over-priced bag.”

3:07 [Part 3]

Ok, so in this video, we learned that when we want to describe the cost of something, as not too expensive, we say “affordable”.


Something is ‘affordable’ if it’snot too expensive.

If I can buy it with the money I have.

On the other hand, if something is not affordable, if the cost is very high, we say “expensive” or “over-priced”.

For me, ahh…I think some brands like H&M and Forever21 are affordable.

Some people don’t think this way.

They think it’s cheap.

Uhh…sometimes, yes.

Some of the items can be cheap.

But for me, I like those brands because they are affordable.

Ahhh…another store that I like, in Korea…it’s called Zara or 자라, in Korea as they say.

Uhm…they have some items that are affordable and some items that are very expensive.

Too expensive for me to buy.

Ok, well that’s what I wanted to share in this video.

Thanks for watching.


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