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Learn British English Course

Course Description In this course, one of our top teachers, Fanny, teaches the basics of British English Pronunciation. Improve your English pronunciation by: Learning how to say the English vowel and consonant sounds by following Fanny’s direction Repeating after the teacher to practice saying 1000s of English words Complete listening tests Using the IPA guide …

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Learn Basic English Conversation

Course Description | 32 Lessons Learn some useful English expression that you can use in everyday daily English conversation. Improve your English conversation ability by: Learning new English vocabulary and expressions Learning which situations you can use these expressions Practicing with example sentences Giving homework through PDF worksheets.

Beginner 2 | Basic English Conversation

Course Description Robin teaches 40 English lessons of practical English grammar and expressions. You will improve your English by: Learning beginner English conversation greetings Learning about numbers and how to express age, phone numbers, decimals, percentage, fractions Learning how to express height and weight Learning basic calendar expressions using days, dates, and months Learning basic …

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Learn English Grammar

Beginner 1 | Learn Basic English Grammar

Course Description Esther most popular grammar course. Studying these 25 English lessons will help you learn and improve your basic English grammar. This course will help you improve your English by: Teaching you basic English grammar Helping you understanding English vocabulary and expressions Giving you additional homework with PDF worksheets.

Learn English Phonics A-Z

Course Description Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque porta augue tortor. Id placerat libero viverra sit amet. Nulla laoreet mattis orci ut rhoncus. Nullam imperdiet eget lectus ut vehicula. Phasellus lobortis turpis ac est venenatis sodales. Pellentesque auctor vulputate accumsan. This course will help you improve your English phonics by: Teaching all …

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Learn English Slang and Idioms

Course Description Our teachers teacher over 30 English lessons on slang and idioms. This course will help you learn English slang and idioms by: Teaching you the meanings of common slang and idioms Showing you when to say these slang expressions and idiom Giving you example sentences to help you say these expressions Giving homework …

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