English Level Tests + English Grammar Quizzes

Here is a large collection of English tests and quizzes to test your English level and check your English grammar.

New English Tests and Quizzes

English Tag Questions | You understand them, don’t you? | Lesson Video 

Vocabulary | though, throughout, through, thorough, thought + GH Pronunciation | Lesson Video | ANSWER VIDEO

How to Read and Write a Poem | Leigh’s Poem Lesson

Other English Tests and Quizzes

Basic English Level Test

Basic English Grammar Course Test | Full Course Video

CEFR LEVEL TEST A1 A2 | B1 B2 | C1 C2 | Robin’s Video | ANSWER VIDEO

IS the Letter Y a Vowel? Alexandra’s Video

Subject / Verb Agreement – Third Person Singular Quiz Robin’s Video

Modal and Semi-Modal Verbs  Alex’s Video

Basic Passive Voice #1 | Mike’s Video

Basic Passive Voice All English Tenses #2 | Mike’s Video

Basic Passive Voice Advanced Test #3 | Mike’s Video

12 English Tenses – PAST | PRESENT | FUTURE Test  Esther’s Grammar Course Video

FULL COURSE ENGLISH GRAMMAR TEST  Esther’s Full Course Grammar Test

Its vs It’s English Grammar Quiz  Fanny’s Its vs Its English Video | ANSWER VIDEO

Borrow vs Lend English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Borrow vs Lend Video 1   |  Esther’s Borrow vs Lend Video 2

Since vs For English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Since vs For Video

Accept vs Except English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Accept vs Except Video

Affect vs Effect English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Affect vs Effect Video

Say vs Tell English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Say vs Tell Video

Quite vs Quiet English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Quite vs Quiet Video

Still vs Already vs Yet English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Still vs Already vs Yet Video

Every day vs Everyday English Vocabulary Quiz Esther’s Every Day vs Everyday Video | ANSWER VIDEO

Used to vs Be Used To English Grammar Quiz  Esther’s Used To vs Be Used To Video

Hear vs Listen English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Hear vs Listen Video

Look vs Watch vs See English Vocabulary Quiz  Esther’s Look vs Watch vs See Video

TOTAL Confusing English Vocabulary Test  Esther’s 12 Vocabulary Lessons

There, Their, They’re English Vocabulary Quiz  Fanny’s There, Their, They’re Video

Good vs Well English Vocabulary Quiz  Fanny’s Good vs Well Video

Your vs You’re English Vocabulary Quiz  Fanny’s Your vs You’re Video

Whose vs Who’s English Vocabulary Quiz  Fanny’s Whose vs Who’s Video

British SLANG English Quiz  Sara’s British Slang Video

Hard vs Hardly English Vocabulary Quiz  Fanny’s Hard vs Hardly Video

Comparatives and Superlatives English Grammar Quiz  Fanny’s Comparatives and Superlatives Video

Then vs Than English Vocabulary Quiz  Fanny’s Then vs Than Video

Chose vs Lose English Vocabulary Quiz  Fanny’s Chose vs Lose Video

Work, Works, Homework English Vocabulary Quiz  Fanny’s Work, Works, Homework Video

Common Confusing Vocabulary Test  Fanny’s 10 Common Confusing Vocabulary Video

All Esther's English Grammar Quizzes!!!

Esther 2 Consonants and Vowels Quiz   Consonants and Vowels Video

Esther 3 Singular Nouns Quiz   Singular Nouns Video 

Esther 4 Singular and Plural Nouns Quiz   Singular and Plural Nouns Video

Esther 5 Subject Pronouns Quiz   Subject Pronouns Video

Esther 6 Subjective Pronoun + ‘be’ Verbs Quiz   Subjective Pronoun + ‘be’ Verbs Video

Esther 7 Subjective Pronoun + Not Quiz   Subjective Pronoun + Not Video

Esther 8 Subject Pronouns Question Form Quiz   Subject Pronouns Question Form Video

Esther 9 Subject Pronoun Review Quiz   Subject Pronoun Review Video

Esther 10 Grammar Checkup #1 Quiz   Grammar Checkup #1 Video

Esther 11 What + ‘be’ Verb Quiz   What + ‘be’ Verb Video

Esther 12 This/That Quiz   This/That Video

Esther 13 These/Those Quiz   These/Those Video

Esther 14 This/That/These/Those Quiz   This/That/These/Those Video

Esther 15 Possessive Adjectives Quiz   Possessive Adjectives Video

Esther 16 Possessive Pronouns Quiz   Possessive Pronouns Video

Esther 17 Grammar Checkup #2 Quiz   Grammar Checkup #2 Video

Esther 18 Articles a / an / the Quiz   Articles a / an / the Video

Esther 19 Preposition in / on / under Quiz   Preposition in / on / under Video

Esther 20 Adjectives Quiz   Adjectives Video

Esther 21 Grammar Checkup #3 Quiz   Grammar Checkup #3 Video

Esther 22 Have / Has Quiz   Have / Has Video

Esther 23 Don’t Have / Doesn’t Have Quiz   Don’t Have / Doesn’t Have Video

Esther 24 Have Quiz   Have Video

Esther 25 Grammar Checkup #4 Quiz   Grammar Checkup #4 Video

Esther – Full Basic English Grammar Quiz    Full Basic English Grammar Quiz