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How to Express Percentage in English

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[junkie-tabs] [junkie-tab title=”Video Information”] This numbers video will teach you how to express percentage in English. Percentage is very easy to learn. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”한글”] 이 숫자관련 동영상은 퍼센트를 영어로 어떻게 표현하는지 가르쳐 줍니다. 퍼센트는 배우기에 아주 쉽습니다. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”Script”] [Part 1]

Ok, in this video, we are going to talk baout how to express percentages in English.

And I’m going to tell you, it is very very easy.

So, this is going to be a short video.

Let’s take a look.

Ok, so here are some example numbers.

And this is called the ‘percent’ sign.

Ok, so that’s called the ‘percent’ sign.

And we read the first number as “one percent”.

Ok, very easy.

“One percent.”

The next number.

“One hundred percent.”

“One hundred percent.”

Let’s put a decimal point there.

So, this is “one point one percent”.

“One point one percent.”

The next number.

“One hundred and one percent.”


And the last example.

“Sixty percent of twelve is equal to seven point four four.”

“Sixty percent of twelve is equal… seven point four four.”

Alright, so that’s how you express ‘percent’.

Let’s look at a few example sentences.

1:29 [Part 2 – Example Sentences]

Alright, the first example…

“I got sixty-five percent on my test.”
“I got sixty-five percent on my test.”

The next example.

“I lost two percent of my body fat.”
“I lost two percent of my body fat.”

And the last example.

“I agree one hundred percent.”
“I agree one hundred percent.”

2:08 [Part 3]

Ok, so you saw some example of how to use ‘percent’.

I’m sure you’re already a master on how to use ‘percent’.

It’s very easy.

Ahh…until next video, ….see you.

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