Beginner English 2-11

How to Introduce a Friend in English

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[junkie-tabs] [junkie-tab title=”Video Information”] This greetings video will teach you how to introduce your friend to someone.  A very easy and simple video to learn. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”한글”] 이 인사관련 동영상은 여러분의 친구를 다른 누군가에게 소개하는 방법을 가르쳐 줍니다. 배우기에 아주 쉽고 간단한 동영상 입니다. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”Script”] [Part 1]

Hello everyone.

In this video, I’m going to talk about how to introduce your friends.

So you have to introduce one friend to another friend.

And it’s very easy.

Let’s take a look.

Here is me, Robin.

And I have two friends.

Mike’s a good friend and Sally is also my friend.

They are my friends.

But, Mike and Sally…they don’t know each other.

Ok, they are strangers.

So, I have to introduce them.

So, I would probably say, “Mike, let me introduce my friend. Mike this is Sally. Sally this is Mike.” Ok…

One more time.

“Mike this is Sally. Sally this is Mike.” Ok…

I introduced them.

So, once I introduce them, probably they’re doing to start talking to each other.

They’ll probably say, “Nice to meet you.”, “Nice to meet you, too.”

And maybe ask some questions. Ok…

That’s it for introducing a friend.

Let’s take a look at a dialogue, so we understand it better.

1:17 [Part 2 – Dialogue]

Alright, the first dialogue.

“Hello, June. Let me introduce my friend. Steve, this is June. June, this is Steve.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you, too.”

The second dialogue.

“Hey, Jack.”
“Hi, Robin. Who’s this?”
“Oh, let me introduce my friend. Jack, this is jessica. jessica, this is Jack.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you, too.”

1:50 [Part 3]

I hope you understand the dialogue.

Uhhh, it’s very easy to introduce your friend.

And I hope one day, I can introduce you to my friends and you can introduce me to your friends. Ok…

Anyway, that’s it for this video.

See you next video.

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