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Survey Results

For those of you who don’t know, I teach daily live English lessons on my 2nd YouTube channel, Learn English Live. As I am always trying to fine tune my live lesson schedule and topics, I decided to ask my students their opinion on which of my daily English shows is best. I gave the students in my Whatsapp groups a link so they could vote. Here are the voting choices:


BEST Live Stream Topic
Choose your favorite topic

  1. Q&A
  2. Grammar
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Game
  5. Topic Discussion
  6. Writing

They could only vote once. As of writing this post, 41 students responded to the survey. According to the results, my most popular topic is ‘Writing’ with 24.4%. This is followed by ‘Grammar’ 22%, and then ‘Pronunciation’ 19.5%. This is expected since these topics get a lot of viewers. But there is one surprise. The ‘Game’ topic only got 7.3%. This does not match with the numbers of views and likes my ‘Game’ topics get. My ‘Game’ videos always get many viewers and participation is high. So I am confused why people did not vote for it.

Anyway, based on these results, I will modify my daily topic schedule. Although the ‘English Q&A’ shows get a low rating, I will still continue them for now (until I get a new idea – please recommend a new show style). I will remove the ‘Topic Discussion’ video topic and add a new video series called “Meme Review”. If you are a fan of Pewdie Pie, you will kind of have an idea what this will be about. Anyway, be sure to watch next Friday as I teach English through memes.

2 thoughts on “Learn English Live | Deciding My Future Live English Lessons”

  1. Layla from Saudi Arabia.

    Hello Robin,
    I am so interested about to know (Meme Review )meaning because I don’t know a lot about it although I can’t watching at the live time on Friday as you know but I will watch it later.

  2. Camara Mohamed Maf

    Hi Robin! I Thank you for your teaching.
    I would like to know what is the importance of “meme review”? And what does it mean?

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