Learn English with Bill | 27 Lessons | Speaking for Beginners

Learn English with Bill. He has 27 English lessons for beginners. He teaches basic English, pronunciation, slang, idioms, business English, plus he tells some interesting stories about American culture.

0:00 Basic English | Nice to Meet You
3:30 Basic English | Nice to See You
6:05 Basic English | Asking for Directions
11:12 Conversation | Asking About Vacation
16:37 Conversation | Asking About Country
22:22 Vocabulary |Free
27:44 Pronunciation | Silent ‘e’
33:20 Pronunciation | Silent ‘k’
38:55 Pronunciation | Silent ‘p’
44:05 Slang / Idioms | 3 Bar Expressions
48:25 Slang / Idioms | British Slang
52:10 Slang / Idioms | Gut Feeling
55:48 Slang / Idioms | Smoking Slang
1:00:00 Slang / Idioms | Online Game Slang
1:04:59 Business English | Introduce Yourself and Your Job
1:09:13 Business English | Asking About Job
1:14:34 Business English | Business Small Talk: How’s business?
1:19:26 Business English | Asking About Flight
1:23:15 Business English | Asking About Hotel
1:29:29 Business English | Asking About Weather
1:34:49 Business English | Current Events
1:39:06 Business English | Expressing Opinion
1:43:39 Business English | In the Middle
1:47:26 English Plus | On Bases
1:51:39 English Culture | Good or Bad Luck
1:56:12 English Culture | Why are Americans fat?
1:59:39 English Culture | Different Beer

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