No Solution for the Pollution

Cough Cough

The air in Korea is too dirty. It is not only dirty; it is disgusting, ugly, unhealthy, irritating, and scary. I have lived in Korea for almost 20 years and I do not remember seeing the sky so polluted as I have seen it this week. It is just depressing to wake up every day and see a thick haze of grey everywhere. It is so thick, you cannot see very far. I can physically feel the air sometimes in my mouth and lungs. I cough, my eyes sting, and I just feel the world is doomed.

More and more I think, like everyone in Korea right now, I need to escape – I need to move to another country. It is impossible to live with such filthy air. I also get warnings every day from the government warning me about the hazards of going outside. They are every day. These emergency warning have become normal. This is sad, too. The pollution may get worse in the next few months. I am sure I will be sick, my students will be sick, and all of Korean society will enter into a depression over the terrible pollution.

I have to start making plans to leave Korea. Where should I move to?

2 thoughts on “No Solution for the Pollution”

  1. Layla from Suadi Arabia

    Hello Robin teacher:
    I’m so sad to hear that. It’s too difficult for you to continue living in Korea… If I be know that living in my country is very well I suggest it to you, but I know would be not convenien to you.
    I hope to be you have good health.
    Loyal to you, Layla.

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