Beginner English 2-22

How to Express Roman Numerals in English

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[junkie-tabs] [junkie-tab title=”Video Information”] This numbers video will teach you how to express roman numerals in English. You should know the first 12 numbers. They are the most common. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”한글”] 이 숫자관련 동영상은 로마 숫자를 영어로 어떻게 표현하는지 가르쳐 줍니다. 먼저 12개의 숫자를 알아야 하며 가장 일반적인 숫자 입니다. [/junkie-tab][junkie-tab title=”Script”]
[Part 1]

Hello, everyone.

In this video, I’m going to talk about roman numerals.

So, roman numerals are letters that mean numbers.

Roman numerals are not so common, but you can see them every day.

Ok, so especially, on a clock or a watch.

They often use roman numerals. book volumes and chapters of books, they use roman numerals…ahhh.. a lot of the time.

The Olympics usually express the year in roman numerals.

Ok, so you will see roman numerals, so you should know, at least the first ten.


Now, let’s take a look here.

I wrote the first ten.

And you can see the first one, ‘I’.

Now, ‘I’ is written like this and this means ‘one’.

And the second one is ‘I-I’; ‘two’.

The third one.

‘I-I-I’; ‘three’.

So, one two and those are the very…the easiest ones.

Ok, after that, it gets a little more difficult.

So, one two three.

And the next one is ‘four’.

And it looks like this ‘I-V’.

Now what is ‘V’?

Well, quickly, let’s go to ‘five’.

And you can see ‘V’ is ‘five’.

Alright, ‘V’ is ‘five’.

So, let’s go back.


We know this is ‘five’.

And ‘I’.

So ‘I’ is ‘one’.

So ‘I’ is one before ‘five’.

And that”s ‘four’.


So one…one number before five is four.

And then ‘five’.

Let’s go to the next side.

Six seven eight nine ten.

Now, if you notice…I…I wrote them a little bit different.

Let’s go down here first.

Now you can write the roman numeral two styles.

One style is with a line at the top and the bottom.

And another style, there’s no line.

Ok, this and this mean the same thing.

So this is ‘one’ and this is ‘one’.

You can see that again with ‘five’.

So you can write it with the lines at the top and the ‘V’.

Or…no lines, just ‘V’.

Again, they mean the same thing.

So this side, I wrote the lines.

This side, I didn’t write the lines.

Doesn’t matter.


So let’s continue.

This was ‘four’.

This was ‘five’.


Now ‘six’, ‘V’ and ‘I’.

So ‘V’ we know is ‘five’.

‘I’ we know is ‘one’.

So, ‘five’ and ‘one’ is ‘six’.

So, you notice, ‘I-V’.

‘One’ before ‘five’.








So, five six seven eight.

Alright, then it gets complicated again.

‘I-X’ is ‘nine’.

Ok, so ‘X’, ‘X’ is ‘ten’.


So like ‘four’.

‘One’ before ‘five’ is ‘four’.

One number before ‘ten’ is ‘nine’.

‘I-X’ that means ‘nine’.

And, of course, ‘ten’ is ‘X’.

Alright…llet’s move on to some bigger roman numerals.

3:43 [Part 2]

Now, I told you..ahh.. ‘X’ is ‘ten’.

Now, ‘X’ and ‘I’.

So ‘ten’ and ‘one’.

That’s ‘eleven’.


That’s ‘twelve’.


So up until ‘twelve’ are the most common roman numerals cause those are the ones on the clock.

‘One’ to ‘twelve’.

So you should really know ‘One’ to ‘twelve’.


Now, the next ones are not so common.


You rarely rarely see them.

But let’s continue anyways.

So after ‘twelve’, we’re going to jump to ‘twenty’.

And ‘twenty’ is ‘X-X’.

So, ten ten.

Ten ten means twenty.


We know ‘V’ is ‘five’.



Ok, let’s jump more.

‘X-X’ is ‘twenty’.



And then the next one.


‘X-L’ is ‘forty’.

Well, what is ‘L’?

‘L’ is ‘fifty’.

So, ‘X’ is ‘ten’.

Again, ten before fifty.

So, ten before fifty is ‘forty’.

So this means ‘forty’.

Ten before fifty.

‘L’ is ‘fifty’.




‘X-C’ is ‘ninety’.

Well, what is ‘C’?

‘C’ is ‘one hundred’.

So, ‘X’ is ten before one hundred.

So, ten before one hundred is ‘ninety’.

And of course, ‘C’, ‘one hundred’.

Ok, so again, these ones are not so common.

So, you don’t have to worry about this so much.

But anway, let’s continue to some bigger roman numerals

5:40 [Part 3]

Ok, so here are some bigger roman numerals.

Now, we know ‘C’ is ‘one hundred’.

Let’s go to this one.


‘C-D’ is ‘four hundred’.

Well, what is ‘D’?

‘D’ is ‘five hundred’.

So, ‘C-D’ means one hundred before five hundred.

So, that is ‘four hundred’.

‘Five hundred’


‘M’ is the last letter we use in roman numerals.

‘M’ is ‘one thousand’.



Well, ‘D’ is ‘five hundred’.

‘M’ is ‘one thousand’, so ‘one thousand five hundred”.


And the last one here.

A really big number.


Ok, so one thousand five hundred…and one hundred, two hundred, three hundred…the total here is eighteen hundred.


So that…that’s roman numerals.

Let’s do a little more practice.

6:45 [Part 4]

Ok, let’s do a little practice together.

I know it’s difficult.

So let’s take a look at these letters.


What is that?


Well, we know ‘L’ is ‘fifty’.

Oh, but it’s followed by ‘X’.

So, ‘fifty’ and ‘X’ is ‘ten’, so fifty plus ten is ‘sixty’.

And ‘V’.

What is ‘V’?

‘V’ is ‘five’.

So, fifty plus ten is sixty plus ‘V’ is five.

So, this….’sixty-five’.

Alright, the next one.



Well, we know ‘X’ is ‘ten’.

And ‘X-X’, ‘ten’, ‘ten’.


And ‘one’.



Ohhh…this is confusing.

Ahhh…first we have to look at these.

Ok, what is this number?


Well, ‘I-X’ is…uhhh…’nine’.

One before ‘X’ is ‘nine’.

So, ‘X-X’ is ‘twenty’ and ‘nine’.

So, ‘twenty-nine’.


Well, ‘C’…

What’s ‘C’?

That’s a hundred.

And what’s ‘V’?

That’s five.

So, a hundred plus five.


‘A hundred and five’.

Next one.



Well, ‘C’ is ‘a hundred’.

And, ‘C-C’ that’s ‘two hundred’.

And what was ‘D’?

‘D’ was ‘five hundred’.

So, ‘C-C-D’.

That’s ‘two hundred’ before ‘five hundred’.

‘Two hundred’ before ‘five hundred’.

That must be ‘three hundred’.

Ahhh…ok, but ‘C-C-D’, I tricked you.

‘C-C-D’ is impossible.

‘Three hundred’ can only be ‘C-C-C’.


‘C-C-D’ that is impossible.

That is wrong.

You can only write ‘three hundred’ as ‘C-C-D’…or ‘C-C-C’.

You cannot write it ‘C-C-D’.

Alright, the last one.



‘One thousand’.


‘One thousand’.

Two ‘M’s, ‘two thousand’.





So, this going to be ‘two thousand’.

We know that.

‘X-I-I’, that’s ‘twelve’.


Put them together.

That is a year.

‘Two thousand twelve’.

It is written ‘M-M-X-I-I’.

Alright, so that’s roman numerals.

Again, you only need to know, probably ‘one’ to ‘twelve’.

Those are the most common.

Ahhh…probably, you’ll never have to worry about these roman numerals in your life.

Ok, but this is just for fun, so you know.

Alright, that’s it.

See you next time.

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