WHATSAPP – Learn English With Robin

Hello Students,

Thank you for your interest in studying English with me. To learn more about me, please click here.

I have 2 main Whatsapp Groups.

Group #1 – Learn English Communityhttps://chat.whatsapp.com/DczRNFTjGV9Brph9CvC6h5
I visit here a few times a week.

Group #2 – Shaw English Members Group (BEST)
I visit here and help students every day. I send voice notes, give homework, and correct homework.
You must be a channel member to join this group.
To be a channel member please visit:
Shaw English Channel Member
Learn English Live Channel Member

I created this page to help improve my WhatsApp English chat groups into a healthy and positive environment for all members to learn English.

WhatsApp Group Rules

1. Only type or speak English. My groups are 100% English only. As these are international groups, we will not accept religious greetings or local slang in another language.

2. No religious, sexual or controversial topics. All chats must avoid these topics.

3. All links must be directed at English education content. If you link to some website or video that is not related to English, you may be banned.

4. Do not only post Memes. The purpose of the group is for you to improve your English, but many people want to communicate through memes. If you use too many memes, you may be banned.

5. Respect each other. Every member must be treated with respect.

6. Please do not call me or private message me unless you are an Admin. I will never answer direct phone calls. I will not answer English questions sent by private message. If you want to talk to me, you need to talk to me, or ask English questions in the group.

7. Please ask me English questions that are not common. If you have an English question, please search YouTube, Google, and the dictionary before you ask me. You can ask any English question in the group, and other members may help you, but I usually ignore questions that are so common.

8. Help each other. My groups are a community. I am only 1 member of the community. It is full of members that want to improve their English. Please help each other to study.

9. Do not bother female members. 90% of the students that are banned are men who harass or private message/call female members. You will be immediately banned.

10 Report toxic members. If you feel a member is creating a negative community, please send me a private message,or a message to another Admin. Your identity will be protected.

11. Be active. If you are inactive in the group for over a month, you will be kicked out. If you want back in, just ask me or the Admin that kicked you out.

12. Deserve to be helped. If you are in a free group, I am not required to help you. I usually help those who deserve to be helped. Show me that you are a good student, and then I will help you. I usually ignore or kick out members who demand my help and not appreciate that this is a free service I do in my free time.

13. You can only be in one group. Unless you are an Admin, you can only be in one group.

Thank you all who participate. I hope to meet you in my groups soon.

-Robin Shaw